Wolf Haven International

Mission and Strategic Plan

Since 1982, Wolf Haven International has rescued more than 170 captive-born wolves from private owners, roadside zoos, animal collectors, research and other facilities. At Wolf Haven, these wolves receive a lifetime of compassionate care and are treated with dignity and respect for their wild nature.

- Providing sanctuary for captive-born wolves

For over three decades, Wolf Haven has been providing educational opportunities for visitors about the wolf and its role in the wild. Our educational programs include a variety of guided tours, on and off-site presentations and community outreach efforts.

- Offering educational programs on the value of all wildlife

Wolf Haven

- Promoting wolf restoration

Wolf Haven International is known throughout the world for its public outreach, education and practical activism. We are proud to be one of only three US pre-release breeding facilities for a multi-agency effort to restore Mexican gray wolves to the Southwest. Wolf Haven is also a foster facility for breeding and housing the endangered red wolf.

- Protecting our remaining wild wolves and their habitat

- Wolf Haven International Strategic Plan

- 2013 Annual Report

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