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Think Again Campaign

Wolf Haven International stands firm in its opposition to breeding, selling, owning, trafficking and promoting wolfdogs (and wolves) as pets and believes that most wolfdogs are bred and purchased by people who are unaware of the animals' highly unique physical and social needs, behavioral traits, and possible characteristics. For this reason, and more outlined on the following pages, Wolf Haven Intl. strongly advises against the keeping of wolfdogs and wolves as pets.

States are getting tough on wolfdog owners, and the list of those that prohibit or heavily regulate wolfdog ownership continues to grow. Contact your local or state agency for information.

The Think Again campaign is a public service brought to you by Wolf Haven International made possible by a grant from the Thurston County Humane Society, Inc.

Wolf Haven Intl. receives an astounding number of calls from individuals desperately seeking guidance in finding a new home for their wolfdog. Most often, callers describe the animal in their care as having once belonged to a friend who became unable to care for the animal. Regardless of how wolfdogs are acquired, the fact remains that it is much easier to attain them than it is to find placement for them.

The immediate goal of the "Think Twice" campaign is to educate individuals are considering wolfdog hybrid ownership. The intermediate goal is for a reduction in the demand for wolfdogs to occur as a direct result of this enhanced public awareness. And finally, the long-term goal is a dramatic and lasting reduction in the amount of displaced, abandoned, abused, neglected and euthanized wolfdogs.

Why would you want to own a wolfdog? Be honest. Could it be the idea of befriending or dominating a "wild" creature; fulfilling a fantasy; or establishing a spiritual connection with nature? Do you think wolfdogs are "cool-looking" dogs??

How can you know that you're really getting a "90% wolfdog", or a "low content wolfdog", or an animal that contains any wolf at all? The truth is, you can't?

Wolves and dogs make a dangerous mix. But you think you know dogs? That your wolfdog would be different because you can handle any dog? Think again?

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